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Steve Jobs Apple Computers

11 Amazing Facts You Never Knew About Apple

1. Apple sold 411,000 iPhones per day in 2013. That’s right, 150 million iPhones were sold in the year making an astounding 411,000 on average sold per day. If you really want to get technical, Apple sold 17,123 iPhones per hour in 2013 or 258 iPhones sold on average per minute. That is a lot of iPhones. 2. […]

Xiaomi-MI3-smart phone

Do You Know Who The Third Largest Phone Maker in the World Is?

Hint: It’s not Motorola, Nokia, Blackberry or HTC. Hello Moto Xiaomi. Welcome the world’s third largest smartphone maker. A once small startup, now Xiaomi employs 5,000 people in mainland China, Singapore and Malaysia. They began operations in 2010, sold their first phone in 2011, and in 2014, three short years later, they sold over 60 million phones. Our […]

Levitating Speaker - OM-ONE

The First Ever Levitating Bluetooth Speaker

Want to buy the greatest present ever for the tech-lover in your family? Welcome the OM/ONE, the worlds first levitating speaker. All the kids around the water cooler will be talking about your one-of-a-kind levitating speaker. Yes, you read correctly – this speaker levitates, floats, hovers, flies around in one place and will become the center […]

New Oculus Rift headset

Our Rift On Oculus Rift

“Join the revolution, help change gaming forever.” -Palmer Luckey, Founder of Oculus Rift. First question, what the heck is Oculus Rift?!? Oculus Rift is a new virtual reality company pushing the boundaries of what is capable with 3D and virtual reality. It’s a head mounted display that provides a large field of view. 110 degrees […]

Adopt a Non Profit logo

Here-ye, Here-ye! Help Us Help Our Community!

We are so proud to announce that this program is officially underway and nominations are starting to trickle in.  “Adopt a Non-Profit” is your chance to nominate your favourite cause, club or charity to receive enterprise-quality IT support, consultation, and services for the next year. Too often, we see businesses struggling to implement much needed […]