Multiple locations. One phone system.

Phone Systems

Keep in Touch With Your Team – And Your Customers

You have choices. You’re no longer constrained to an antiquated land-line system that isn’t scalable or user friendly.  KSP’s Phones Systems will keep your employees and customers connected wherever they are in the world. If they have access to Wi-Fi or the internet, they’ll connect and keep commerce coming your way.

Our VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) systems, are cost-effective, powerful, loaded with features and scalable to grow with you.

Our Phone Systems are ideal for:

Frequent Long-Distance Callers

Our VOIP phone systems use your internet connection instead of a landline, so there are never any long-distance fees. If you are frequently on conference calls, or make or receive long-distance calls, a VOIP phone system is the perfect way to save you money.

Rapidly Growing Businesses

If you are a business currently in a growing phase, VOIP phone systems are the easiest way to ensure that every employee stays connected. This even applies to employees who sometimes work from home, all they need is an internet connection and they are part of the office team.

Those Who Want One Number

Our phone systems are perfect for those who want their customers to call one number and not have to play a guessing game of, “which number should I call, the office or the cell phone?”

““KSP Phones have given us improved communication with our customers and mobile crews while decreasing our long-distance expenses and improving our response time.

Teresa Hensrud
Owner & CFO
Industrial Scale Ltd.

KSP Phone System Features

Interactive Auto Attendant

Professional Greeting

Custom Prompts

Dial-by-name Directory

Department Routing

Unlimited Hold Queues

Time Based Routing

Custom Hold Music

Call Management

Call Display

Follow Me

Call Tranfer

Conference Calling

Call Forwarding

Voice To Email

Do Not Disturb

Advanced Features


Virtual Fax

Softphone Integration

Tracking Numbers

Unlimited Extensions

Toll-free Numbers

Unlimited Lines