Managed Desktop

KSP’s Managed Desktop is a complete IT hardware, software and support solution for companies from 3 to 300 employees. We host your entire business – email, documents, files, applications, websites, and any other computer software you use, in our world-class data center.

You and your employees have fast and reliable access to your Windows desktop, programs, and documents from any device – wherever you might be.

Upgrading your IT doesn’t have to be scary

We understand the fear of data loss and downtime that typically comes from an IT migration. We are migration experts. Our client-focused onboarding process is designed to ensure a smooth transition.

It all starts with a consultation to see if our Managed Desktop is right for you and your business. We analyze your current system and put together a proposal which includes the on-boarding process, any hardware needs and the total number of Managed Desktop seats.

During the transition, we do all the heavy lifting on our end. You just keep working.

Expensive on-site server not required

The KSP data center replaces the need for an on-site server, and all the headaches that go with it.

If you already have computer hardware for each user, that’s great! We can set you up using your existing equipment.

Think your computers are too old? Many computers, even ones that seem old, work just fine with the Managed Desktop solution. All the heavy lifting happens on our end. Your computer is essentially just the monitor and the keyboard. Still not sure? Talk to one of our experts today.

Don’t have any hardware? We are an authorized Lenovo partner and can set you up with cost-effective, business class laptops and whatever else you might need.

Simple process to better IT

It’s easy to transition to the KSP Managed Desktop:

  1. First, we back up your files and data.
  2. Next, we recreate and test your Windows desktop with all your documents, applications and email – all the while you keep working as is.
  3. On switchover day, we clean up your existing computers, install the required software.
  4. When you get to work the next morning, you log into your Managed Desktop and continue to work as if nothing changed.

Budgeting for IT made easy

Your complete KSP Managed Desktop solution a fixed cost per user per month, which includes all of your Windows and Office licenses, email, installation and setup of all the existing software you already own, as well as helpdesk support. Your IT budget is stable, consistent and scalable with no surprises.

We know budgeting for a disaster is always tough. When you use our Managed Desktop, you can have peace of mind knowing your data is safe should an emergency arise because our solution also includes all of your data storage, backups, and security.

Still not convinced? Let’s meet for a coffee.

“Gone are the days of sitting around waiting for the service technician to arrive to fix our computers. Ever since we switched to Managed Desktop, we’ve had minimal issues with our computers. Being able to access my office files from any device has increased my efficiency in getting my tasks done because I simply log in from home – saving me a trip to work on the weekends or in the middle of the night!”

Judith Veresuk
Regina Downtown BID