Here’s What People Have to Say About Us…

Client Testimonials

“Industrial Scale Ltd. has been using KSP as our technology supplier of choice since June of 2005. We have incorporated many of KSP’s advanced technologies in our day to day operations. We use KSP’s phone system giving us additional phone lines using VOIP technology. We use the Digital Fax Solution which gives us our faxes via email in pdf format. This has saved many headaches, one of which is privacy, and all junk can be deleted without needing to be printed. We are saving money in both fax toner and paper. Receiving the fax via pdf allows the fax manager to forward the fax to the pertinent party without leaving her desk. Multiple people can receive the fax at the same time if desired, and we are able to keep an electronic record of important faxes should we need to refer to them again.

We use corporate mail allowing all of our staff to coordinate business with a common calendar and contacts list. Corporate mail also allows our Blackberry users access to their email via their cell phones on realtime.

We use the Web Hosting service for our web site. KSP’s off site backup for our backup, which we have had to utilize.

KSP uses VNC server to repair or make minor changes to our system remotely saving us in downtime and money.

By using KSP we have been introduced to technology we didn’t know was available and the technology we are using has increased our efficiency. We recommend KSP Technology as they have been a valuable partner in our business.”

Teresa Hensrud
Chief Financial Officer/Owner
Industrial Scale

“The services delivered by KSP are comprehensive and include the following: website hosting, IT support, cellular phone support, computer maintenance and programming. These services are delivered on a timely basis and in a very professional manner. We hope that you experience the same level of satisfaction enjoyed by us during our interaction with KSP.”

Bunty Harmen
Executive Assistant
Motor Safety Association of Saskatchewan

“Our profitability and efficiency has been greatly increased by having a terminal server and phone system from KSP Technology. The terminal server allows us to log in to our system and operate from anywhere we wish. This mobility allows our staff to access critical information from job sites and on sales calls. It performs better than other web based systems because the information is complete. It is literally the same as if we were sitting in the office at our desk. The phone system has greatly increased the efficiency of our staff. We handle between 100 and 200 calls on an average day. Having an IVR system allows the caller to select who they wish to speak to prior to staff having to answer a call. As an organization, this makes us much more efficient because the front end staff does not have to field a call that should be going directly to accounting or marketing.

I highly recommend the services provided by KSP Technology as an investment to any organization.”

Steve McKenna
McKenna Distribution

“We have used Kevin and his team at ksp for years, and were probably one of his first clients. Since then we have enjoyed a very strong relationship based on technical expertise, solid solutions, and overall value. Firstly we consider their technological knowledge as second to none. Without internal technical experts we have come to rely on ksp Technology as our off-site managers of technology, and there is never any doubt that their solutions will address our issues. That comes from significant time that Kevin has spent with us at various times assessing needs and reviewing the package of services he recommends.

Their timeliness of response provides solid peace of mind that no matter the issue, we will not be left without technical support and some solution to get us through, whether short or long term.

We have looked at other service providers but none were prepared to spend the time and effort on needs analysis, and that simply means we receive the most value from Kevin and his people.”

Lorne Schnell
Chief Operating Officer
The Morsky Group

“Since beginning our relationship with KSP as our service provider our network environment performance has improved considerably. Prior to working with KSP we experienced regular server failures that resulted in hundreds of hours of downtime for our staff. KSP was able to come in, assess the situation, and get us back on track using the existing infrastructure. Since then we have made additional investment in our network infrastructure on KSP’s recommendation. This improved the performance, stability, and redundancy in the network resulted in improved reliability of the system.

In addition to upgrading our computer network we also invested in a VOIP phone system. In a business that relies heavily on good phone management, we were somewhat reluctant about the transition. However, it was seamless with very little disruption. As well our staff has found the system to be user friendly with little training needed to get everybody up to speed. At the end of the day, the flexibility and additional options that the system provides has improved phone management.

With KSP monitoring our infrastructure I am more confident in its performance and reliability. I would recommend Kevin and the team at KSP to anyone looking to improve their data network environments.”

Shea Jameson
General Manager
JGL Cattle

“KSP brings several strengths to the IT discussion. First, they have a tremendous ability to make certain the customer doesn’t talk themselves into a solution that won’t work long term and truly meet their needs. Second, they spend far more time than other IT companies on architecting the proper long term solution instead of buying a bunch of computers and throwing together a “solution”. Third, we hired them to clean up a mess caused by a company that didn’t follow the first two items above. They got our IT situation straightened out and built a foundation we are now using to grow our rapidly expanding health care facility. I couldn’t recommend them any higher than I already am.”

Dr. Michael Neal
Managing Partner
Lakeside Vision