Changing Phone Systems

How we changed a company’s phone systems in advance of their move to a new building, with absolutely no downtime.


A busy industrial company was expanding their business, moving to a new and larger building, and implementing a new phone system, all at once.

What We Did

We coordinated with the local phone company and contractors to ensure the new office was properly wired for their new systems in advance of the move. On the moving day, we transferred all of their computer hardware to their new location, connected everything using our professional standards, tested everything (the job isn’t done until you’ve tested everything) and gave the client the green light. However, the phone company hadn’t transferred the phone lines on moving day. But that didn’t matter because the KSP Phones system is internet based, was pre-configured by our team, and we simply plugged their phones into their network and everything was up and running.


The results were that our client has zero downtime as the result of a relocation of their business operations and computer networks and the implementation of our new phone system.